This past weekend my husband, Bill, and I took a beginners woodworking class at Rockler Woodworking in Denver. Our instructor was, Tracy Gray, and she was terrific. The class meets for 2 sessions of about 3-4 hours each time depending on the number of students and your individual pace
I also got to see a couple of my students, Robin & Julie and I enjoyed getting to be with them in a class rather than as a teacher.
We learned a lot of very useful things. The tools we used were the compound miter saw, table saw, jointer, router and sander. We also learned simple joining techniques and at the end we got to take home our new custom end tables. We both thoroughly enjoyed the class and I can recommend it highly. The basic woodworking is offered once a month and cost $155. You can find the next available class at Tracy’s website
If you’d like to ask me any questions, just give me a call!
Here are some pictures I took during the class.