Shut down and drain your system around October 15th.
Note: If a hard frost is forecast in your area before you have shut down your sprinkler system, your back flow system must be protected. You can protect your back flow device by covering it with some type of insulation.

  1. Close the main shut-off valve at the main water line branch (Main Shut Off Valve)
  2. Open backflow testing valves on back flow device and loosen drain cap on back flow system.
  3. If you are blowing out your system attach an air compressor to the ¼” or 3/8” connector located after the back flow prevention device.
  4. Manually open one zone valve at a time (located in your valve box) and blow out that zone as described above.
  5. Open drain valve at end of the manifold system and backflow testing valves located on the backflow device, to finish draining all components.
  6. Replace drain cap onto back flow device DO NOT TIGHTEN.
  7. Verify that all valves are in the open position. These valves will remain open until you start up your system next season.
  8. Turn system controller to off.

Shutting Down Your Sprinkler System (PDF with instructions and graphic)

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