24 Jan, 2011 in Professional Arborist Tips by Matt

As you are probably aware, your ornamental fruit tree is susceptible to disease and bugs. Whether you desire an ornamental fruit tree for its aesthetics or you wish to pick fruit off your tree, you should develop a plan to help the tree fight off these pesky predators.
And what better way to help put a smile on your fruit tree’s face than by utilizing the organic way!

Compost Around Pear Tree
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So, first things first.
Preventative medicine is best applied by a reputable and honest tree care company. A certified arborist can work with you to develop an organic tree care program that works best with your beloved fruit tree.
Good Food and Environment Make For a Healthy Body
A fruit tree is a living being and needs sustenance and nurturing to thrive and grow.
Five things are crucial to a healthy fruit tree.
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