It all started with a patch of sunshine in the back of my yard on an early spring morning.  I thought it would be nice to be able to sit in the sunshine and have my coffee, so I said to my husband, “We should build a bench that we can put in the corner of the yard where I can sit to have my coffee in the morning”.  He agreed that would be a good idea and a simple project so we started looking at plans for chairs and benches. I was very excited when he found a plan for an Adirondack bench that seats 2.  I really love Adirondack chairs and we had talked about building a couple once before.  Then I said, “Well we should probably a least lay some flagstone or patio blocks to make a little sitting area.”  Do you see where this is heading???

To make a long story short we ended up with a decision to build a gazebo.  I know better than most people that when you start out with an idea for a simple project, that shouldn’t take more than a weekend, and end up with a project that may take all summer you often end up doing nothing at all.  I thought to myself, “I refuse to be standing here next spring wishing I had a place in the early morning sunshine to have my cup of coffee.”

I started a search on line for some building plans but wasn’t very successful.  There were a number of places where I could find plans to purchase but the pictures were poor and there was no way to see how complicated they were. My husband and I both have pretty good DIY skills but we aren’t  much different than the typical homeowners and we don’t have a lot of specialty tools. I wanted a plan that I knew we could tackle ourselves. I was a little discouraged until I saw a posting on Facebook (I love the internet and facebook by the way). I follow the Craftsman page ( on Facebook and saw a posting of a plan for a deck with a gazebo.  I asked if by chance they had a plan for a gazebo with a roof and the next day I had a plan that was just what we wanted. Here is a link to the plans we are using . We will be making some changes but in general this is what we hope to have in our yard by the end of the summer, sooner if possible:)

I will be posting about the project as well as posting pictures here and on facebook so please follow along and if you have any questions about how we accomplished anything, how long it takes or what tools we used, feel free to comment.

Here is our before picture