I am by nature a planner and I find comfort in routine.  I am doing my best to plan how we can survive the next 3 or 4 weeks without a kitchen.  The planning is the easy part for me but adjusting to the disruption to my routine may be my biggest personal challenge.  I found a number of crockpot recipes on the internet and planned for each meal to last for two dinners.  We have set up a temporary work area and pantry and are planning to wash our dishes in the bathroom. 

The part I am finding most difficult is the disruption to my routine.  My cat and I have our morning ritual and the change is not easy for either of us.  Both my husband and I find ourselves continually heading to the ‘kitchen’ which is basically an empty room and then having to stop and figure out where we put whatever it is we are trying to find.

We’ve been thinking about remodeling the kitchen since we moved into this house 5 years ago. Our  house is a 1959 brick ranch and we bought this house because it had great ‘bones’ and we knew we could change the interior to suit our needs over time. We tackled one room at a time, taking the time to save up the money for the remodel in between each project.  The kitchen is the biggest and most expensive project on our list and it is the last one for quite a while.

Most of our appliances were early 1980’s vintage but they just kept on working.  We have actually

Our 1984 Microwave

lived with a microwave that had a push button release on the handle to open the door and no turn-table.  Our electric range was likely top of the line in it’s day, but the burners stayed hot for what seemed like an hour after turning them off.  The dishwasher did it’s job as long as the dishes were relatively clean when you loaded it.  The anticipation of all new appliances is a wonderful feeling.

We are lucky to have our good friend as our general contractor which allows us the luxury of doing some things ourselves to save money. I plan to blog frequently as we go through the process and will post pictures too as our kitchen transforms.

My husband and I removed all of our old cabinets, disconnected the sink, faucet, garbage disposal and dishwasher.  We’ve carted all of our cabinets out to the garage for pick up by the Habitat for Humanity Restore.  We were originally planning to have this remodel done between Thanksgiving and Christmas but when our GC’s schedule opened up we reserved our spot right away so we didn’t have time to schedule the Habitat De-Construction crew to do the cabinet removal for us.  If you’re planning on doing any major remodel projects and want to donate your old stuff, you can contact the deconstruction group to come out, remove the items and then take them to one of their Restores to be resold.

Here are some before pictures.  We had already started removing some cabinets when I remembered to get the camera out.


Looking north from dining room

Looking S into dining room
SW Corner