Great article in the Wall Street Journal about the difficulty encountered in trying to ‘make’ people do things to meet a ‘green’ agenda.  It just isn’t as simple or practical as some would have you believe.

It’s a amazing to me that they are willing to spend tax dollars on forcing people to save energy when we have so many other things that need our attention right now.

What I took away from the article, and is in fact how I believe most of us live, is that we all have different priorities and those priorities rarely fall in line with the priorities of single minded individuals, government entities and other policy makers. It’s easy to focus just on saving energy while ignoring all the other factors that we need to take into account when we are making decisions for ourselves, our families and our businesses.  It’s always a cost benefit analysis and every individual is going to calculate cost in a different way.  It may be money, it may be values, it may be time.  It’s never as simple as people want to believe.  For example,  It’s more important for the art gallery owner to make his clients feel welcome and encourage people into his business than it is to save a few dollars and some energy.

I work to make my home more energy efficient but I only do what I can afford.  I won’t install a CFL in my home until I am forced into it and I hope for an alternative before that happens.  We are installing dual flush adapters into our toilets but I’m not sure it will make that big of a difference and I’m not ready to recommend that others do the same until I am sure. We have insulated our attic but cannot afford to insulate our exterior walls at this time.