This story is too important not to share even if it is too graphic for some.  A young man, who lives alone, went into his basement to fix his furnace and ended up in a tragic situation. Fortunately he will live but please learn from his awful situation.  Please think about how you will let someone know if by some chance you injure yourself.

Man caught in furnace while trying to do a repair.

To all of you dedicated Do-It-Yourselfer’s out there any time you plan to work on ANY project or repair, please be sure of 2 things:

  1.  Let someone know what you are doing, when you will be doing it and that you will contact them when you’re done
  2. Always have your cell phone with you and within reach.

This advice is especially important to those of you who live alone.  As a home inspector my cell phone is always in my back pocket and on the rare occasions when I am alone doing an inspection I call someone before I go onto a roof or into a basement or crawl space as an additional precaution even though there are already several people who know already know where I am.

It’s never something we expect to happen to us but as you can see it can. 

Judy Browne