This is a somewhat random list of products that you might find interesting. I haven’t personally used all of these yet but a few are definitely being considered for my Christmas List 🙂

Ryobi (sold exclusively at Home Depot) has come out with a line of cordless “household” tools that are powered by a single 4-volt rechargeable battery. Some items include: Rugged digital camera, cell phone charge, LED flashlight, headphones and more. Visit All this stuff is rugged and can be used outside or in a workshop.
Handmade custom vinyl wall decals. It looks like you have a hand painted mural on your walls. For those of us a bit ‘artistically challenged”

1 year subscription to The Family Handyman magazine. This is on I can personally recommend! It is published by Readers Digest and has some great tips, advice and recommendations along with some fun stories in the “Great Goofs” column in every issue.

Power Hammer by Craftsman. This one gets mixed reviews on-line but I think it’s worth a try if you have issues that don’t allow you to swing a hammer like you used to. At least you’ll get a full refund from Craftsman if you don’t like the product. If you buy one, let me know what you think.
Auto Hammer Link
I’ll be posting again on some great stocking stuffers for the Handyman or Handywoman in your life.
Merry Christmas!