Going “green” doesn’t have to mean turning the thermostat down to 65 degrees and putting on 3 sweaters this winter. A new product on the market, Power*e Glass, may be the compromise you’ve been looking for.
Windows are usually the main source of heat loss in our homes. There are plenty of products on the market that can help minimize this heat loss but windows with Power*e Glass will not only stop heat loss through the windows it will provide a source of radiant heat for your room.
I first heard about this product from one of my students and we visited the facility at 585 Osage St here in Denver on July 31st. We spoke with Gino Figurelli, one of the inventors and also the Plant Manager. During our visit we got to experience first hand the warmth the glass provided in a large picture window in his office. My first thought was of my living room at home. With the large picture window and vaulted ceilings it is rarely a comfortable place to sit during the winter. Apparently that is a perfect place for a Power*e window.
Gino also shared with us the results from a recent study completed at the Kansas State University’s National Gas Machinery Laboratory. Some of the key findings include:

Ÿ When operated Power*e Glass stops 100% of the heat loss through the window
Ÿ As a radiant heat source it can reduce power consumption vs. conventional heat sources.
Ÿ Power*e Glass is 84-89% efficient

The cost of a window with Power*e glass is currently about 3 times as expensive as a standard double pane vinyl window but as demand increases this will surely come down. Although you may not want to invest the money to replace all of your windows with this new technology, it might be the perfect solution to that pesky room that never seems to stay warm.