Thanks to Sally Kurtzman for compiling this wonderful list of resources for those of us in the Denver Metro area that would like to recycle our stuff.
If you know of any changes, additions or have suggestions for this list you can email Sally at

May  2010

Let’s all try to reduce, reuse, reclaim, relocate, and RECYCLE more this year
And thanks for asking for this little booklet. It will give you an idea of places in Denver that want your “too good to pitch” items. You may have received this electronically– feel free to print any and all of this up—and pass it around. A print booklet costs $3 with mailing, and those are available if you would like them.
A lot of these numbers listed here have been checked recently, but non-profits go in and out of business pretty fast, so always check before dropping anything off. The listings are alphabetical by type or category.
To contact me: Let me know of additions or corrections. And please keep me posted on new or changed sites.  Many thanks! 
Craig’s List (type in Denver/free/and put your listing in there) is a good site to get rid of things like appliances, moving boxes, and furniture
Any useful household items that you wish to donate to any of the resale places should be clean and really usable. Any torn, soiled, moldy, or broken items really should be thrown out. If you wouldn’t give it to a friend or sell it at a garage sale, then reconsider donating it. The following groups are happy to receive your household goods at their drop-off sites and will pick up when they are in your area. Remember that some pick-ups take six weeks to schedule:

Arc: (303) 238-5263
Big Brothers/Sisters: (303) 433-6002
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless: (303) 293-2217
DAV: (303) 288-8387
Goodwill: (303) 650-7700
Kid Foundation: (303) 455-8788

Salvation Army: 1-800-958-7825
Vietnam Veterans: 1-800-775-8387
VOA: (303) 295-2165 (also cars)
Aerosol Cans
Empty the canister completely, take off the plastic cap and tip, and recycle with other cans.
Airline Mileage
UA (800) 421-4655 Charity Mileage CO (713) 952-1630 NW (800) 327-2881. A group collects miles for military families with wounded/ill soldiers: and click on “hero miles.”
Aluminum pop-top rings
Ronald McDonald House (303) 832-2667 (Please drop these off: 1300 E. 21st Avenue at Downing and 21st, behind Children’s Hospital.). New Fitz location is 932 Potomac Circle.
Animal Food
Leftover dry or canned animal food, litter, etc. is always welcome at the
Cat Care Society 5767 W. 6th Ave in Lakewood. (303) 239-9690.
Denver Dumb Friends League needs our help, too. Give them a call. 2080 S. Quebec. (303) 696-4941; 305 Sheridan Blvd. (303) 233-7387. They also need soft fabric toilet-lid covers (for animals to cuddle up in).
Frozen meat: (720) 217-8989, Shirley’s Carnivore Carewagon.
Clear Choice Antifreeze recycling: (302) 439-7081
BUDS will take all working appliances: (303) 296-3990. Best to have old non-working appliances hauled (for a fee). Unwanted Appliances (303) 430-7142.  Use LIP Service to have these hauled.
Baby Blankets
For infant burials of preemies or SIDS babies where the families are in need: (this is in Omaha; we need one here).
Also Denver Medical Health has a baby dept. that wants all new baby items for indigent women.
Baby Bud’s
All baby items, clothing, furniture, toys, and all maternity items should go to Baby Bud’s, operated by single moms in a faith-based job training program. 3154 Downing (at MLK Blvd.) (303) 364-2494. (Buds =building dignity and service). Main BUDS is a household Home Depot.
Baby Stuff
There With Care in Boulder is serving families who really need “gently used, lightly loved” baby clothes, furniture, etc. for the more than 100 families they see each year. 303-447-2273. 4949 N. Broadway in Boulder #124.
Colfax Comm. Network: Suzanne: 796 Trenton St. 303-360-9175.
Also St. Francis Center and any shelter are happy to have gently used one even if it has the Little Mermaid on it. (303) 297-1576;
VOA (303) 295-2165; Broadway Ass’t Center for people “moving on”: (303) 893-4108.
(lead-acid and rechargeable): Batteries Plus: (303) 504-0101.
Car batteries: Auto Zones around the city. Save and get your neighbors to do a city-wide pick up of toxic items. 1-800-449-7587.
For the little batteries, save them up for local collections—announced in the paper or on TV.
Blue Jeans
Old jeans can be dropped off at the Temple Events Center, 1595 Pearl St. on T/Th. From 9-4. 303-808-7538.
Bedding, worn
See Rags but old mattress pads and soft sheets are often welcome at animal shelters.
Quality used beds are needed at the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Ask for Family Support Services: (303) 293-2217.
Other refugee places (see Refugees) will take beds but no king-sized or water beds.
Begin with Books Program
(303) 220-7704 x287. Books and school supplies; Susan. Koebel Library. Call first.
Bicycle Village (three locations) can help distribute these;
check Colorado + Bicycles + Recycle and find places who will take working and nearly working bikes.
Bike Depot 303-393-1963 W/4—7 Sat. 11-5 to donate: 2825 Fairfax in Park Hill.
Bikes for kids
Bicycle Colorado has places all over the city where you can drop off a bike for a kid. St. Joseph’s School on 6th and Galapago is central. Bicycle Village can also help. Trikes and kids’ bikes: Steve Busey (303) 797-2193
Blankets & Towels
St. Francis Center, 2323 Curtis Street, makes good use of these in its day shelter for the homeless. (303) 297-1576.
Also Broadway Ass’t Center 605 W. 6th Ave. (303) 893-4108.
Senior Support Services, 846 E. 18th. 303-832-1622 x204 Susan Walker.
Univ. of Denver Lib. Ass’n: (303) 871-3405 (weekly sales).
Denver Public Library has annual sales and will pick up large loads: (720) 865-2051 (or 52).  Most libraries will take donations. Textbooks can really only be used for their paper. Take off the covers.
New Source: B-Logistics at 11111 E. 53rd (I-70 and Havana) collects books, Cds and DVDs for sale and recycling and supports libraries; check themout at for all the info
See Jars
Check U-Haul’s locations for used, new, resale, or free boxes.
Alan Rabold teaches photography at New Vista High School Film cameras are always needed by his students so those who wish to donate to yet another good cause can consider donating camera equipment (point and shot are fine) to the creative students at New Vista High School.303-494-8037. Boulder.
CanLand Recycling 6141 Federal Blvd. (303) 426-4141. For people not  having city pick up, at Colorado Blvd (S) and Kentucky, they
Car Seats
Gently used ones, please! Denver Human Services: (720) 944-2485.
The city will collect this now as part of the recycling..  Do break down your boxes first.
Scraps and other pieces can be kept out of landfills; check and animal shelters for nice squareish pieces.
1 (866) 638-2277 (anything with an engine-they’ll tow)
Denver: (303) 462-6859. Catholic Charities would like to have them: (720) 377-1373.
KCFR and other outlets want these, but new tax laws (2/05) mean only the value of what they sell it for counts on your receipt. Also 1-877-KARS4Kids
CDs and DVDs can be taken to B-Logistics for sale or recycling. Check out their site: Located at Havana and I-70.
Cell Phones
Easter Seals: Three Sprint drop-off locations where all your info will be deleted; used for homeless and battered women: 8725 Sheridan Blvd.; 2960 E. 2nd in Cherry Creek; 8353 S. Willow (near Park Meadow)
Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter: (303) 343-1856 Heather M-W. They get money for them.
Also Cat Care Society will take them. (303) 239-9690 Fund raiser with cell phones: will buy all your cell phones, so if you want to run a fund raiser, contact them.
NEW: Cell phones for soldiers takes old cell phones, sells them to buy cards for the troops:
Children’s Museum
They often need crafts and other useful kids things. Call and see what they need now: (303) 433-7444. M-F 9-4 They like coffee cans with lids, egg cartons, paper towel rolls, milk cartons, cereal boxes as well as containers (no meat trays). 2121 Children Museum Drive (near the aquarium).
Children’s Rescue
Gently loved toys and books for children in transition. 3201 S. University M-Th… 9-3, Sundays 9-1. 303-628-0477. They’d like newish shoes, too. Call before you go. Check out
Children’s Toys
A Denver-based online transaction site: will help you exchange used kids’ items.
Christmas Cards
St. Jude’s Ranch is no long taking these. Let me know of anyone.
Christmas Items
Santa Claus Shops:
Adams County: (303) 288-8398;
Denver, (303) 988-2465;
Arapahoe Country: Peggy Parker: (303) 794-8439.
Take items to resale shops or donate to Goodwill-type stores.  See Men, Women, and Teen sections.
Channel 7’s annual coat drive yearly collects and cleans coats for the homeless. Next collection in November 2010 at any Dependable Cleaners.
Channel 2 has a fall drive with drop offs at any Denver Mattress Company. Watch the papers and news.
Compact fluorescent bulbs
CFLs contain mercury and should NOT be thrown in the trash.
Ace Hardware and Home Depot will collect them.
Call Excel for other locations.
There’s a bin behind Whole Foods  (Kentucky/Colorado Blvd.) that will take normal kitchen compost. Know other spots?
Most businesses must pay ($20-40) for each machine recycled. For donations Try Tech For All:  (303)777-7771 x114 that rebuilds computers for the community. 1709 S. Acoma St. Open 9-3 Fridays.
Youth Biz will take 17″ monitors or better along with any Macs: (720) 970-5117.
Westminster Rotary: 303-428-8088 will give you a tax deduction. They’ve recycled 4000 computers to students.
Also WINN (We’re Involving Neighbors Now) will take working computers for their community members. (303) 239-9123. 125 S. Kalamath.:
MeTech is good: 720-377-7700.
NOTE: A couple of times of year, various companies will take donations of ALL electronics so keep an eye out in the papers/TV for drop-off sites. Check with and denverrecycles for updates.
Construction Debris
Good wood give to BUDS (303) 296-3990. 4455 E. 46th Avenue.
Oxford Recycling (303) 762-1160 will tell you what they will accept.
AME Cleanup (303) 279-2763 will rent you a trash trailer with no time limit or minimum, but there is a $250 pull fee.
Habitat for Humanity has a new outlet store: 710 Rio Grande and would like good building items: (303) 722-5863. They now have a second store: 10625 I-70 West Frontage Road. (303) 421-5300.
Box Tops for Education (General Mills): Christ the King Catholic Church; Campbell’s labels, etc.: Sewall Child Development: 1360 Vine. Ellis Elementary: 1651 S. Dahlia.
Creative Items
Try: They are local and support our schools. Dina: 720-904-8890.
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless needs crafty items that their clients can turn into sale items: (720) 329-4621.
Susan Oakes of the public library system needs them for kids’ projects: (303) 220-7704 x287.
These can be remade into new shoes. Check with Crocs in Boulder.
See Hospital Equipment
Curtain Rods
Apparently these can go to the Vietnam Veteran collection group: 1800-775-8387.
Dell/Staples Teamup
They are working to take Dell products at Staples. Call first.
Denver Cares
This detox facility with several outreach places needs single bed sheets, underwear, men’s clothing, games, cards, puzzles, toiletries, etc.  Drop off at 1155 Cherokee.
Denver Human Services
(1200 Federal) cares for Denver‘s children and families. They like stuffed animals, videos, book, and toys: Remember them with any passes and theater tickets. They need our support with: gently-used car seats, books in Spanish, diapers, new videos, tickets for the zoo, tickets for games you’re not using…(720) 944-2485.
Dressy Dresses
– Hospice Thrift Store in Boulder has an annual All That Glitters sale.  They sell ‘dressy’ dresses (probably prom included with that), furs, and more. Check Prom listings in the spring.
E-cycling Days
Watch the papers for electronic recycling vans in various neighborhoods and for earth fairs. Collect TVs, vcrs, and old computers now. There will be several pick ups throughout the year. Check 720-377-7700.
Egg Cartons
The Children’s Museum can use these along with paper towel rolls, toilet paper (empty) tubes, food trays (hard ones, not Styrofoam but none that had meat on them), coffee cans with lids, empty food boxes…easy to drop off. Call: (303) 433-7444.
Empty metal cans
Cleaning products (like Ajax), cut the top off and recycle with other cardboard.
Eye glasses
LensCrafter and Lions Clubs have a “Recycle for Sight” collections. Call 1-800-747-4448 for a location near you or check LensCrafters in the phonebook
People Comforters, Mary, (303) 697-9412;
Ladies Sewing Circle (303) 428-6809 will take buttons, zippers, and fabric, anything with sewing.
How about braiding some rugs from clothing? Call Betty (303) 757-0128.
Firehouse Quilts makes blankets for kids after fires and want 100% cotton.: Dusty: (303) 683-6455
Ugly Quilts (but they aren’t) make hundreds of quilts and right now need only neck ties to wrap and hold them: Gladys (303) 659-0250..
ABC Quilts sews for children who are victims of abuse. They need fabric and other sewing items: Glenna Kellogg: 303-988-4941 or Bonnie Rogerson: 303-526-1452. Check what fabrics they need.
Fake plastic credit cards
These are NOT recyclable. Take them off of the paper and throw into the trash.
Food in Cans
Dry products: Dry food and cans to the twice-a-year postal carrier pick up, any food bank, or Denver MetroCareRing: (303) 860-7200 1100 E. 18th Ave. Any shelter will take unopened boxes and cans.
Frozen Meat
Normally we don’t do food, but this group, Shirley’s Carnivore Carewagon feeds wolves and needs meat (frozen). (720) 217-8989. Drop off: 2720 S. Tejon Ron). If your freezer defrosts, this is a great location for food.
Catholic Workers Store, (303) 296-4973;
Sacred Heart House, (303) 296-6686;
Ecumenical Refugee Service, (303) 860-0666;
DENUM (Denver Urban Ministries), (303) 355-4896;
Family Thrift Centers (303) 455-8788;
Sister Michael Mary operates a great “mix-and-match” program to give the right people furniture. (303) 360-9686.
Family Homestead: (303) 623-6514. Old TVs. African Comm. Center at 410 Broadway will pick up household items and furniture on T/Th. 303-399-4500. Open 10-6 T-Sat. Items are for LEGAL immigrants.
 Lutheran Family Services will also pick up furniture: 303-389-2336.Three’s anew furniture bank:
Your electronic, cell phones, lap tops can be SOLD. Try and
Games, puzzles, cards
Denver Cares, 1155 Cherokee, needs entertainment for its clients. Any games, books, magazines, puzzles, etc. is greatly appreciated.
Gathering Place
1535 High St. (303) 321-4198. All toiletries, women’s clothing, etc.
See Locks of Love for donating hair to individuals. Hair for the Gulf should go to Matter of Trust  (team@matterof…this is expensive to send but for hair salons, this could work.
Continental Cleaners on 5801 Leetsdale Dr. has a rack outside for hangers.
Check Martinizing Dry Cleaning on Broadway in Highlands Ranch.
 Dependable Cleaners at 3626 S. Monaco
Mayfair Cleaners, too.
Hazardous Waste
Anything in your home that might be toxic, poisonous or hazardous in any way should not be placed in landfills. Oil-based paints, pesticides, batteries, anti-freeze, etc. should be disposed of by experts. Call 1-800-449-7587 for a city pick up. They will do this once a year for you.  Organize your block and have them pick up everyone’s hazardous wastes. Jefferson County: (303) 316-6262
Hearing Aids
Lions Clubs or check with Carolyn Kennedy (303) 567-2555. Dan Fullerton: 303-689-9985
Hospital Equipment
HELP, the Hospital Equipment Lending Program loan loans out commodes, canes, walkers and wheelchairs. Have some? Call them: 303-322-1688 1400 Josephine
New medical equipment is needed by Metro Community Provider Network: (303) 761-1977 x124.
Crutches: (303) 877-2803.
Hearing Aids: Dan Fullerton: 303-689-9985.
Household  Items
African Community Center 410 Broadway 10-6 T-Sat. will pick up household items for LEGAL refugees: furniture, pots, pans, dishes. 303-399-4500…
Senior Services: Susan, 303-832-1622 x204.
Ecumenical Refugee Service is also a great outlet for LEGAL refugees; will pick up. 303: 860-0128.
Household cleaners
See Hazardous Waste
I Pods
New outlet of a company that will BUY your dead IPods: He will also take other electronic gadgets that don’t work.
Inorganic Materials
Twice a year there’s a pick up on this. Check with the city for the dates: (720) 865.6900 or
Classes are offered in mulching and composting; call the city: (720) 865-6900.
Jars, Bottles
Most jelly-makers want clean small jars with lids. Pass these along to friends or recycle the glass in bi-weekly collections. Coffee cans with lids can now go to the Children’s Museum (no sharp edges, please).
Blue jeans are needed at The Bus Stop Group which weekly feeds and clothes the homeless. Camilie Vaughan 303-320-7866. They meet Tues. at 7:30 to 8:30 at Pearl and Colfax. Jeans can be left at 445 Elm.
Wearable Jeans can go to the Grant Avenue Street OutReach: 303-778-7579 or dropped off at Ichabods at 2 So. Broadway.
Torn ones can go to the Temple Events Center at 1595 Pearl St. 9-4 T/Th  303-808-7538.
The Gathering Place 1535 High St. (303) 321-4198 x 608 and
CWEE 1175 Osage St. (303) 892-8444.
Denver Woman’s Press Club has an annual sale: (303) 838-1519 for its scholarship fun. Will pick up costume jewelry.
Kids toys & books
Denver Public Library, Smiley Branch, 4501 W. 46th 10-12, 6-7:30 Thurs. 10-12 Sat. (303) 477-3622
Kids’ Clothing
Good items: Denver County Foster Parent Ass’n the first Saturday of the month gives out baby things for foster families. For drop off: call Pat: (303) 462-4412.
Mount St. Vincent would like gently used kids clothes: (303) 458-7220. 4159 Lowell Blvd.
Tennyson Center for Children 2950 Tennyson is a great place to consider if you want to help kids:  Susie Boann: (720) 855-3228.
Kids’ Hats
New: For the oncology center at Children’s Hospital. Judy (303) 973-8652.
Women’s hats for cancer patients: Rocky Mtn. Gynecologic Oncology. 701 E. Hampden: 303-781-9090.
Kitchen tools, dishes, etc.
Box these up for women’s shelters.
Ecumenical Refugee Service, (303) 860-0666.
Samaritan House: 2301 Lawrence. (303) 294-0241.
Also, Urban Peak and Third Way need these for kids starting out on their own. Check out Teens.
Campbell Soup labels to Sewall Child Development Center. 1360 Vine
Leaves & yard waste
City drop-off once a year in the fall: 720-865-6810. Open through Dec. 5.
Any good usable sets of linens, package up in bags with sheets and pillowcases for Ecumenical Refugee Service (303-860-0128). They have families waiting for furniture and bedding and appreciate any donations.
Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter needs good linens for women moving on.
Interchurch at 1553 Clinton St. (303) 360-0260 8:30-2:30 M, T, W.  3360 S. Broadway (303) 789-1443. M-F 10-4.
Locks of Love
This organization takes your hair for kids who need wigs.
Lutheran Family Services
They help refugees and people seeking asylum. 303-389-2336 and need all household items for a starter apt: bedding, towels, pots and pans. Will pick up furniture.
Magazines that can not be recycled to be read (in other words not older than two years), should be donated for its paper to any number of magazine recycling boxes around town. The blue boxes for Tri-R Recycling will accept these: call (303) 399-4055 for a location near you or to recycle the paper. All magazines can go in the city’s purple bins.
CU Hospital would like magazines and VCR tapes or DVD’s at 9th and Colorado in room 1116 or at Fitzsimons in the Anschutz Impatient Pavilion, 12605 E. 16th Ave. in room 1008. Check with the volunteers: Rita: 303-372-8445
Old National Geographic’s have little worth these days. If you’ve checked with a local school or library and they say NO, understand that they have limited space and are using a lot of micro-fiche and film and have no storage space. Some daycare centers like the magazines for pictures; please check around. But at least the paper can be recycled.

Other ideas: Denver Health Medical Center Emergency Room would love your old magazines, especially those in Spanish. 777 Bannock St.  Check out what the Safeway on 6th and Downing has done. They have a table of good current magazines for a quarter. They give the money to charity, you get a new magazine, and your old ones find a happy home. Why not try this at your local store or Curves place (mine does it!).
Make up
Expired make up should not go into the trash; much of it can be composted. Some make up turns rancid. New solutions will be here soon. Meanwhile, let your kids play “dress up” with it.
Ecumenical Refugee Service: (303) 860-0128 Clean and no king or waterbeds, please.
Medical Stuff
Any wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walkers can be used by Project Cure: (720) 323-5448. They also want bandages, cloth, and general supplies.
Any unopened or un-expired medicine will be taken by
Project Cure: (720) 323-5448. They will pick up.
The Dominican Sisters Home (303) 322-1413 x 22 would like medical supplies, too. Ask for Donna. They also loan free of charge to those without insurance ability to pay, used equipment. This is a great group: 2501 Gaylord. Pedometers, exercise videos, pill boxes, measuring cups:
Metro Community Provider Network: (303) 761-1977 x124.
Men’s Clothing
Denver Rescue Mission (303) 831-7372;
Men at Work (303) 433-0300; St. Francis Center (303) 297-1576;
WINN (303) 237-9123.
Denver Works: 303-433-0300 x101 2828 N. Speer. Denver Cares, 1155 Cherokee, needs men’s clothing for its clients.
The glass can not be recycled; place in a paper bag so the trash people are not injured with the broken pieces. Whole mirrors go to Goodwill.
Musical Instruments
Call your closest Denver Public School. Bring On The Music
16202 Parkside Drive Parker, CO
Phone:  303-522-6662
The first Sat. in May, the City of Denver gives away realllly great mulch, so check the website.
New clothes
Any new piece of clothing can go to: New Garments Always through Calvary Baptist Church 6500E. Girard—Monoco and Hampden) M-F 9-4.
Office envelopes
With plastic windows, recycle with regular paper.
Office Furniture
Provider’s Clearinghouse is a good group helping non-profits with office furniture. They will pick up large donations: (303) 962-2270. 14201 E., 35th Pl.
Office Stuff
Paper, scissors, rulers, lined tablets, folders—all administrative items the Samaritan House can always use these: (303) 364-3177.
Up to 5 gallons: Advanced Auto Parts, Auto Zone, Checker, Grease Monkey
Outdoor Gear
Unwanted hiking, climbing, backpack equipment can be given to a new Denver group collecting for the homeless:
Padded envelopes
With bubble wrap, can’t be recycled. Reuse and then pitch.
Latex can be pitched. Fill with kitty litter. Oil-based paint, call Hazardous Waste 1-800-449-7587. Go to to see what’s happening with new promotions.
Paper towel Rolls
Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls can go to the Children’s Museum.
Peanuts  from Packaging
 Most pack and ship places will take CLEAN ones. 1-800-828-2214.
Phone Books
Put these in the purple bins. Hooray for the city for collecting them now. To not get the yellow pages, call: 1-888-492-8721 or; Verizon books: 1-800-555-4833. Penny Parker recently recommend The Gabriel Foundation for books so their parrots could shred them: 303-629-5900.
Phone No Call Number
Cell phones as of 11/08 are fair game for telemarketers. Call 1-888-382-1222 to get on the list to get off the call list.
Pizza boxes
Do not put greasy food-stained boxes with other paper/cardboard. If clean, put with other cardboard/paper.
Plant Containers
Country Fair, Cobblestone Gardens and Echters will take black pots, gallon sized and up with numbers #1 and up. Call first. Small crushy plastic ones you should reuse. City Floral now has a big white bag in front for drop offs of ALL plastic pots: 1440 Kearney.
Plastic Bags
Newspaper bags can be left in containers in parks for people to use to pick up animal waste. Some people “knit” them into rugs! Take old ones back to all front-range Albertson’s and Kings. There’s a kiosk in the front lobby.
Plastic wrap
Used, throw away. Too tough to recycle with other plastics.
In Denver, Waste Management accepts No. 1; soda and water bottles; No. 2, milk and detergent bottles; No. 3 cooking oil bottles, window cleaners bottles; No. 4 squeezable bottles  such a honey containers; No. 5 yogurt and butter tubs; No.6 some plastic cups, CD cases; No. 7: rigid plastic such a Nalgene water waters.
UNWANTED: frozen-entrée micro-wave trays, food trains, film canisters, plastic bags, motor oil and antifreeze container
Postage Stamps
Jeffco Action Center 8755 W. 14th Ave. (303) 237-7704
Prescription Drugs
Starfish Project collects some unused meds. Unopened, Project Cure.
Print Cartridges
(720) 933-6164 Cerebral Palsy; Christ the King Church, 845 Fairfax has started a new program and will receive $3 for each one recycled. Cartridges for Kids at 1-800-4200235. (also cell phones).. Many groups collect these; ask around. Ink can now be refilled.
Prom Dresses
Check papers in early Feb/March. for listings. A current one is and will take prom dresses dropped off at Dependable Cleaners where they will be cleaned free of charge and sold in March at GW High School
Propane Tanks
Metro Gas: (303) 428-3036
After Halloween last year was a composting group who would take these. Look in the papers in early Nov.
Rags (garage)
Who knows who wants these?
Rags, soft and clean
Denver Dumb Friends League, 2080 S. Quebec St. (303) 696-4941. Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital. 191 Yuma St. (303) 722-5800. Also good here are old mattress pads and quilts.
LEGAL:  Ecumenical Refugee Service: 303-860-0666; African Comm. Center: 303-399-4500. Will pick up for sales; store at 410 Broadway.
Ribbons – Typewriter
303) 377-4695; Cerebral Palsy: 1-888-363-3803. Office Max takes them. They now re-fill ink cartridges.
Ronald McDonald House
1300 E. 21st St. newish tapes, games, videos, tickets, coupons, gift certificates, etc.
Sewing Items
Scissors, threads, and needles, etc. to the Denver Sewing Referral Network: Linda Franklin (303) 933-7697. Check with Fabric section for other useful names and numbers.
Pedestrian Shop, 1425 Pearl St. in Boulder. At 5030 Old Pearl St. in Boulder, they grind shoes up for rubber shards. (303) 444-6634. Boulder Running Co. at 8116 West Bowles (303) 932-6000 will take them for grinding. (Kids shoes: Children’s Rescue: (303) 628-0477:  One World Running (P.O. Box 2223 Boulder, CO 80306) collects money for shoes for Third World Runners: $195 buys 50 pairs of shoes. will tell you where you can donate them in the area.
Shower Curtains
Most are made of PVC and can’t be mixed with other plastics. Use for barrier under blankets for picnics or in gardening.
Six Pack rings
Some schools kids collect them. might give you some ideas. Be careful in disposing in parks or near beaches.
Small working appliances
Most shelters and centers will take them for people starting out in apartments. If they don’t work, pitch them. Be honest about this.

Smiley Public Library
4501 W. 46th They have a check out with toys and books
1-800-352-NIKE (6453)Kicks4kidz is a good site.
Soap dispensers
The pumps kind can be tossed with other plastics.
Sporting Equipment
The Assistance League of Denver would like your old equipment. 1331 E. Colfax (303) 861-2122. This is also a great place to shop. Check the papers for sales and trades summer/fall. New site: lets you trade items. A new source for buying and selling your equipment has opened. Check out: (
Lynn Stanley: 303-237-7704 x 238.
Stuffed Animals
Child Rescue ( needs stuffed, plush animals, slightly used, lightly loved. 3021 S. University, 9-4 M, Tues and 9-1 Sunday.
Styrofoam Molded Pieces
Advanced Foam Plastics: 5250 N. Sherman. 303-297-3844.
Suitcases For Kids (foster kids program for moving from one home to another) is on hiatus now. Try VOA: 2877 Lawrence St. or the city building at 1200 Federal. Nancy will tell you drop-off sites: 303-471-6727.
Take-out food containers
Most are not recyclable and contaminate loads when pitched. New form of recyclable boxes will be here—soon.
Teacher Stuff
Register at for items. Also check out  If you have things for teachers, contact your local school. The school secretary should know what people want or need.
Teens’ Clothing
Teens in shelters and on the move need newish name brands (they want to be “in” too). Third Way 50 W. 5th 303-780-9191 x13. This is a residential centers and need household stuff as well as toiletries, socks, gloves.
Most old textbooks have little reading or historical value (sorry!). Mostly it’s sentimental but the paper can be recycled. Recycle America (303) 296-4124: 5395 Franklin St. (at 54th) 7-3 p.m. Take off covers.
There Who Care
New to Denver to fill in for families whose children fall through the cracks while family members are ill. Located at Pres. St. Lukes Hospital. 303-447-2273.
Old neckties are needed by the Ugly Quilt sewers: Gladys: (303) 659-0250; Miriam: (303) 659-0928. Their quilts are actually beautiful–call to see how you can help
Tin foil
Aluminum foil…rinse it off, ball it up, and toss with other aluminum.
Jaitires: 4591 Ivy (303) 322-7887 ($1 a tire to recycle them into safe playground material under swings, etc.)
Toiletries (little soaps, shampoos)
The Gathering Place  (303) 321-4198; Broadway Ass’t Center, 605 W. 6th Ave. (303) 893-4108; Denver Metro CareRing 1100 E. l8th Av (303) 860-7200. City offices for social services: 1200 Federal Blvd.  Urban Peak: 1630 S. Acoma: (303) 777-9198 x245. St. Francis Center: 2323 Curtis, 303-297-1576 (men’s cologne, too!
Samaritan House: (303) 294-0241 and all household items for people moving into new places. Most shelters are happy to have boxes of tools.
See Rags if you have worn towels. St. Francis Center: 2323 Curtis St. (303) 297-1576 (They could also use baby powder, Vaseline, shaving cream, men’s cologne, and baking soda.)
After June 09, these may be tough to get rid of. Stay tuned for groups collecting them.
Vacuums & Lamps
Warren Village: 1323 Gilpin: (303)320-5035/320-5020. They also want household furniture and cooking items
Take clean ones to a local hospital gift store or a favorite florist. Call them first. Some nursing homes will take these.
Children’s movies to any shelter, Ronald McDonald house, library sales
Warren Village
1323 Gilpin. (303) 320-5035/ 320-5020 (for women transitioning…they could also use vacuums and lamps). (303) 832-2667
Broadway Ass’t Center, 605 W. 6th Avenue (303) 893-4108. They can also use liquid soap for the twice weekly laundry services to the homeless. Also St. Francis Center and Denver Rescue Mission.
In general, cancer patients can really use new ones. Because of the fragility of the patient, old ones don’t work; give them with kids to play with. But if you have new ones: Rocky Mtn Gynecologic: 701 E. Hampden #210: 303-781-9090 is a good spot
Wine corks
Plastic corks can not be composted or recycled. Use in art projects. Real cork can be composted.
Women’s Clothing
St. Joseph’s for clothes: 623 Fox (720) 904-2099; CWEE (Center for Work Education and Employment) is a favorite place for good women’s clothing for those heading back into the work force; this is a wonderful woman-training program. (303) 892-8444. They take clothing the first week of the month: 1175 Osage St. #300. Clean and on hangers. Got the shoes and scarves for the outfits? Great! new source: Women @ Work Program
takes clothes from 9-5 at their central office: 2828 Speer Blvd. Suite 103 (303) 433-0300 x 101 (this is tough to find, call first; drop offs on Thurs.). Most places would like to take clothes full time–but they can’t store them, so understand if they are full. Heritage Cleaners (many locations) takes clothes for The Gathering Place. Large sizes appreciated. Dress for Success is back in business: 303-832-1889 1510 N. High St. 2nd Floor…newer suits and accessories. Call first.
Work Clothes
St. Francis Center (303) 297-1576 and Rescue Mission: 303-831-7372. Men@Work: (303) 433-0300. See Men’s Clothing in the bedroom section
All leftover yarn and other knitting supplies can be dropped off at I Love Knitting at 600 S. Holly St. Unite 102. 303-399-5648.
Yogurt cups
 No. 5’s along with butter tubs and clear plastic “clamshells” are OK. Most can not be recycled. Some places recycled them into toothbrushes etc.


Abandoned Cars
Detail: (720) 913-1747

Appliance Haulers
(fee) (303) 430-7142

Baby BUDs
Takes all baby and children’s items: (303) 364-2494 at 3154 Downing.  Great place for good baby stuff plus the women working there are gaining work experience.
(Building Unity and Dignity through Service): takes all Household construction-type items, like a thrift Home Depot. (303) 296-3990. This is a super organization and you should visit 4455 E. 46th Avenue. Anything you can rip out of a house they will take. They are REALLY good guys.
Colfax Community Network
303-360-9175 helps with families stuck in East Colfax hotels.
(Center for Work Education and Employment): (303) 892-8444. Women’s work clothing, good working computers, maternity clothes, gift certificates
Denver Cares
Detox facilities need clothing, games, underwear. 1155 Cherokee.
Denver Recycles
(720) 865-6805.
Denver Rescue Mission
(303) 297-1815. Wonderful place that needs all men’s clothing/shoes/books, food
Do Not Call Registry
: 1-888-382-1222 to get off lists. to verify you’re on the list or to report numbers. Phone books: Put these in the purple bins. Hooray for the city for collecting them now. To not get the yellow pages, call: 1-888-492-8721 or 1-877-2GET DEX (1-800-929-3556). To get off catalogs, call 1-888-567—8688. A Junk Mail Kit will be sent to you if you call (720-865-6805). Also check out for junk mail help.
Graffiti Hotline
(720) 865-7867
Guaranteed Recycling Experts: 720-377-7700. 4920 Washington St.
Habitat for Humanity
(303) 722-5863 or (720) 377-0655. 710 Rio Grande (new address)
JeffCo Action Center
Jeffco Action Center accepts lots of things – office supplies, clothes, foods, empty pill bottles – plastic only (washed), empty plastic food containers (margarine, etc.) (washed), soaps, shampoos, etc., rubber bands, water bottles (not like a one-use bottle, but like an athletic one).  They use brown paper grocery bags, and with the increased use of fabric ones, they are receiving less of these and have a need. 
·  Household items – bedding, linens, pots, pans, dishes, small appliances, and other household necessities…fans, lamps, cleaning supplies, towels
·  Items for their Santa Shop
·  Toys – new, for children aged 0-14
·  School supplies – basic supplies for all grades
·  Personal Items: See / Donate for a list and links to other lists)
Keep Denver Beautiful
(720) 865-6800
LIP Service
(Large Item Pickup 4x a year in a Denver neighborhood. City pickup) (720) 865-6900. They will not take construction or yard waste, but other large items that you just need to dispose of, this is the city’s star service
Lutheran Family Services
Has refugee and asylum people. Needs all kinds of home start up stuff. Will pick up furniture: 303-389-2336.
Metro CareRing
Good collective group helping others. (303) 860-7200. Food, clothing, bus tickets, etc.
Neighborhood Liaison, Mayor’s
Heather Barry: 720-865-3199
Pot Holes
Providers Clearinghouse
Office items for non-profits: (303) 962-2270.
Recycle America
(303) 914-1421
Ronald McDonald House
(303) 832-2667: leftover dishwasher soap, cleaners, passes to museums and zoos. Call for current list.
Senior Support Services
846 E. 18th Ave. 303-832-1622 x204. Warm blankets, toiletries, and clothes.
Sister Carmen/Lafayette
– Sister Carmen in Lafayette takes food, clothing, books, household appliances, furniture, mattresses, baby items (clothes, strollers, car seats, strollers, playpens, cribs), antiques, collectibles.
There Who Care
A new group in Boulder. They began with the idea that after kids had a Make A Wish treat, the rest of the family was often in crisis and still needed help. Call 303-447-2273 to find out what they need from car seats to baby clothes to tickets to events. 4949 N. Broadway #124 in Boulder.
Good recycling people, magazines, paper, cans, steel. (303) 399-6351. They have more than 600 blue bins around the city for magazines and paper:
Warren Village
(303) 320-5035 1323 Gilpin for mothers getting back on their feet
We’re Involving Neighbors Now. Great group with lots of resources for computers, as well as a food and clothing bank, too. (303) 239-9123 125 S. Kalamath

l. Make piles for the a) trash b) for giveaway to family and friends c) for pick up by groups d) for storage. Consider an estate sale if the process of unloading your home of “stuff” is too overwhelming. Agencies take a percentage (30-40%), but they handle all the pricing, sorting and setting up with signs, etc. Sell stuff on ebay, good china/crystal through LaCache, and check out the stores along South Broadway.
For estate sales (not garage sales), a good contact is David Little of Prairie Sales:
2. Put magazines in your car for drop offs at hospital, Kaiser, daycare or the blue drop-off boxes around town.
3. Give away items before they rot, break, get moldy, or lose value. It if doesn’t work, get rid of it. No one wants broken torn items. Most small appliances are not worth repairing (drat); if anyone knows a company that will fix them, please let me know.
4. “Make it do, Wear it out, Use it up, Do without” in not collecting more items.
5. Recycle food, gifts, your blood (Bonfils: (303 341-4000), your old cars (anything with an engine even if you don’t have a title or a key (303) 462-6859).