Tips for Getting the Most from Your Home Inspection

Hire a PROFESSIONAL Home Inspector. This is not a job for your brother-in-law who works in construction. Inspecting a home requires a special set of skills, experience and knowledge.

Plan to attend all inspections if possible. The amount of information you will gain about your new home is priceless. It is best to be able to see the issues, concerns and defects first hand.

Wear comfortable clothes. Be prepared to go in cellars, look at furnaces and water heaters and walk around the outside. Your inspector can give you valuable information about condition, future maintenance and areas that need attention.

Ask Questions. This is your chance to get the insight of someone who is an expert in the condition of homes. Come prepared.

Get a written report at the time of inspection. Use an inspector that will provide you with a written report, including digital photographs, and will have it available to you at the inspection.

Review the report carefully and take the time to discuss the entire report with your broker. Be sure to focus on items related to HEALTH, SAFETY and EXPENSE.

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