Tips for Successful Showings

Be as flexible as possible with showing times. Evenings and weekends are the most popular times for buyers to view houses. Your home won’t sell if buyers can’t see it.

Have plans for your pets during showings. Some people are uncomfortable around animals. You’ll need to put dogs into crates, take them to doggie day care or ask friends or neighbors to care for them. Cats that cannot go outdoors should be placed in carriers. Most people are conscientious, but they cannot guarantee your pet won’t escape during a showing. Your pets are your responsibility.

Put valuable items in a secure location. Most people are trustworthy but it is best not to leave valuable items in plain view (i.e. jewelry, money, collectibles, personal electronics). Consider securing prescription drugs, too.

Keep your house as clean as possible at all times. Have a closet, bin or other convenient location to quickly hide things if you need to make a quick exit. Do your best to have your home ‘show ready’ at all times.

Don’t stay in your home during showings. It is very important that buyers have the time and freedom to thoroughly view your home. Most buyers are not comfortable if the seller is present. If you cannot leave consider going outside, for a walk, or to a neighbor’s house.

You can wait to leave until the buyers show up. You don’t need to be gone for the entire scheduled showing time. If you would prefer to leave only when the buyers arrive you can do that. It is to your benefit not to stay in the home during showings.

Be careful about talking to the buyers or the buyer’s agent. It is too easy to give away information to the buyer or their agent that could negatively affect you during negotiations. “Silence is Golden”.

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