I just received my income tax organizer from my accountant and I was reminded that this time of year can pose an extra challenge for my clients.  As you can see, my clients are never far from my thoughts, ahhh the life of a   real estate broker.  But seriously, I love my job.

I know you’re thinking “Really?? I just managed to get through the holidays and I don’t even want to think of income taxes yet” or “Are you kidding me?? I have enough on my plate with work, kids, finding a new house, etc, etc.  Why can’t I put this off as long as possible?”

Buyers hoping to beat the rush by entering the market in the Spring need to add one more task to the ever-growing list of things to do.

So what does filing taxes have to do with buying a home?  Buyers may be negotiating the closing on a property on or around April 15th and it may become an issue if their taxes have not been filed in time for the lender to get a transcript.

So what does that mean for you?

  1. If you’re already in process of buying, contact your lender and see what deadlines are in place for needing a transcript of your 2017 tax return from the IRS.  If you’re a “W-2” employee you should probably file as soon as you receive your W-2s from your employer
  2. If you’re self-employed and considering filing an extension  AND you owe money to the IRS you must pay (or have a payment plan established) PRIOR to closing on your home.
  3. If you’ve just started the buying process and are thinking of reaching out to a lender to get pre-qualified be sure to ask about 2017 tax filing deadlines.
  4. If you’re still on the fence about entering the market contact me and we can discuss what may be best for your personal situation.

My goal as a real estate professional is to do my best to see potential stumbling blocks before they upset your transaction. My goal is to insure you are always making great decisions with great information.