Thanks to the city of Littleton, CO for providing this information.

Increase in Rat Activity

Post Date:02/10/2017 1:00 pm

Over the past several months, the City of Littleton has received calls from citizens who have noticed rats around the community.  Littleton Code Enforcement typically manages inquiries regarding rats.  If a property has a persistent rat issue, pest control companies can assist.  Rat issues are somewhat cyclical, based on the predator population.  Disease has decreased the number of coyotes in the southwest metro region in the past several years and rats have been reported on the increase in communities throughout the metro Denver area.  “Mange hit the fox and coyote populations pretty heavily and since they feed on mice, rats, and rabbits, it makes sense that their populations are on the rise,” said Littleton Humane Officer Terry Carr. 

The city’s building permitting process requires that all construction sites are kept free of trash and ensures routine scheduled pick up if there are dumpsters on-site.  Property owners and managers can also minimize rats from becoming a nuisance on their properties with a few simple tips:

  • Keep all garbage cans covered and do not accumulate trash
  • Weather-strip garage doors so they close tightly
  • Provide tight fitting covers for crawl spaces and compost bins
  • Keep garden sheds closed and check garage shelves and storage lofts regularly for evidence of rats
  • Seal all openings around pipes, cables and wires that enter walls and foundations
  • Repair damaged ventilation screens
  • Stack firewood off the ground and away from buildings and fences
  • Thin or remove dense vegetation such as ivy and harvest fruits/nuts regularly
  • Only feed birds, chickens and pets in a cleanable area and pick up pet droppings

    Tips for preventing a rat problem