I was motivated to start this blog after my short time as the Denver Home Improvement Examiner. At Examiner.com they recruit local ‘experts’ to write articles and submit posts on topics about which they are passionate. I signed on as the Denver Home Improvement Examiner about 6 months ago and have enjoyed writing articles, learning about new products and companies and having the opportunity to share information with others.

Unfortunately the commitment at examiner.com is to post 3-4 articles a week and I have been unable to keep up with that commitment. I just sent in an email telling them I needed to move on. What has come out of that time though is the importance of having a venue to share my passion for home improvement and DIY topics.

I decided blogging was a way to continue that venture and this doesn’t feel like an obligation. It also allows me to share opinions, ask questions and encourage others to join me. I hope you find this blog informative and fun and feel compelled to share your ideas, comments and suggestions.