This post will be short and sweet with mostly pictures.  A lot of work has been done but some of it does not lend itself to pictures.

Here’s what has happened in the last 4 or so days. My husband and I have worked our tails off to get all of the wiring done and checked.  We still have one more receptacle to wire for the dishwasher and garbage disposer but that, fortunately, can wait.  What a relief for that to be completed.  I sometimes felt like we took on a little too much but I feel so good about what got done.  I don’t think an electrician would have done all the extra work we did to make everything right and easily accessible.  If anyone owns this house after us they will be able to easily determine what every wire in our crawlspace is connected to!
Just as a quick summary of what we did:

  • Rewired (2) 20 amp circuit (small appliance circuits)
  • Added (2) new 20 amp circuits (microwave and dishwasher, disposer)
  • Added (1) new 40 amp circuit for the electric range
  • Moved (1) light fixture
  • Moved (2) receptacles
  • Added (6) new receptacles
  • Added (3) new switches

What our contractors have completed:
(Mike the tile guy was awesome!)
Floor has been tiled.  First a metal screen and base/underlayment material was installed on day 2, day 3 the tile was laid and day 4 it was grouted. Here are pictures relating to that with captions that describe what you are seeing:

Instead of under layment.

Picture of the metal screen

Floor tile installed

Mike (not the tile guy), Kevin and Blake have been wonderful too and they did all the hard work with the framing, drywall and cabinet installation.

Drywall has been installed on the new half wall and all of the holes I put in to get the wiring done have been patched.

Looking North, with holes patched and drywall taped

Looking South

Before base cabinet install

Base cabinets have been installed, the template for the countertop has been completed and finish drywall work has been done.

Base Cabinets installed, looking north

Base cabinets installed, looking south

Tomorrow the upper cabinets get installed and Thursday our appliances get delivered.  We only get to install the refrigerator right away but I will be glad to get rid of our old one that is currently sitting in our family room!