I take a lot of pictures when I do a home inspection, some of them are pretty boring and unless you see the comment that goes along with the picture they really don’t make much sense.  However, every once in a while I see some strange, sometimes scary and occasionally just odd things and manage to capture those moments with a photograph.
Here are a few that might give you some insight into things a home inspector sees:

Bats on a Balcony

These little critters where found under a canvas canopy that was folded up.  This was on the 3rd floor balcony of a condominium in downtown Denver.  When I walked out on the balcony I saw what I thought might be mice poop and thought to myself, “those are some enterprising little critters”, when I opened up the canopy I found that it was actually the flying kind of mice that were making the mess.  There were about 30 bats that were not too happy when I bothered them.  They kindly all flew away so I could finish my inspection, though.

This was a black widow spider I saw in a garage.  The picture does not do her any justice.  I am not a big fan of spiders, although I have to play mind games with myself every time I get into a crawlspace, but this was one of the most beautiful spiders I have ever seen.  The color of her body was a glossy black and the red hour glass shape was just like I heard described many times.  I felt bad that she was going to have to go although if it were my house I wouldn’t feel a bit guilty about calling the exterminator.

This poor bird fell out of the chimney flue when I opened up the damper.  It certainly startled me but he had been dead for quite a while so there wasn’t an awful smell.   The house was vacant so I can only assume that if someone had been living there they would have heard the poor thing in the chimney. I have not yet had the opportunity to encounter a live animal like a squirrel or a raccoon caught in a chimney, but I guess it isn’t uncommon in the inspection world.

     This was a Do It Yourself sump pit and pump.  Unfortunately it worked about as well as you might expect.  the top of the bucket was above the floor joist.  It certainly couldn’t have handled the flood that would have been required to fill the buck.  I’m not sure they understood the purpose.

This swag lamp as attic lighting was rather creative and pretty stylish to boot.  The best dressed attic in the neighborhood I imagine.

The car jack as floor support is much more common than you might think.  This is one of the better pictures I’ve been able to get of that ‘fix’ to a sagging floor.

I’ll include more pictures in a later post.

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