I am a big proponent of home ownership.  I personally believe that owning a home is one of the best financial decisions someone can make.  I also believe that paying off that home as quickly as possible is a good investment for the future.

If you’re thinking that the time might be right for you to buy a home here are a few questions you should consider along with steps to take prior to contacting me to set up an appointment.

  1. Have you reviewed your credit ? (go to www.annualcreditreport.com for a free report)
  2. What is your FICO score? (= your bank or credit union may give it to you for free)
  3. How much money do you have for a down payment and closing costs? (see the blog post “how much does it cost to buy a home“)
  4. How much can you afford in monthly payments?
  5. How much can you afford in utilities?
  6. Are you willing to live in a development with a Homeowner’s Association?
  7. How much are you willing/able to afford in HOA dues?
  8. Have you spoken with a lender? (if you need a referral, please contact me)
  9. Are you in a lease?  If so, when is the lease up? How much notice does your landlord require?
  10. Do you have to sell the home you’re in or complete some other act prior to buying?
  11. What’s your moving time frame?
  12. Do you have any special requirements or needs related to down payment assistance, loan qualifications, etc.

Having the answers to these questions will help tremendously when we meet to discuss searching for your new home.