You’ve closed on your new home and you’re all moved in. I know you’d like to take a break but there are 3 things you should consider doing right away.

Change the locks on your exterior doors.  I am a very optimistic and trusting person, however, there is no way for you to know how many friends, neighbors and other strangers may have a key to your new home.  Especially if the previous owner lived there for a long time. Safety First!

Here’s a link to an article on how to change door knobs and dead bolts.

Find the shut-offs for all your utilities and fixtures.Make sure you and everyone in your home knows where the shut-offs are located and how to operate them. 
  • Main water shut-off
  • Main electrical shut-off
  • Main gas shut-off
  • Gas supply shut-off valves for water heater, furnace, gas fireplaces and any other gas appliance
  • Water shut-off valves for all sinks and toilets.
Start saving for home maintenance.  I know you feel like you’ve spent every last dime you have to get into this house but you will be happy in the future if you set aside 1% of the cost of your home each year to use towards home maintenance costs.  If you’re home is more than 20 years old, make it 2%.  If you’re wondering how much things will cost like replacing a water heater, use this handy reference tool.