The gazebo is just about done although we do have some finishing touches which we are determined to complete before the end of the summer. There is some trim work, some staining and a little tidying up of things that didn’t fit ‘just quite right’.  I’ll write up a summary of the entire project soon with lists of what went right and what we would do differently next time.

As most projects seem to go, whether inside my house or outside, one thing always seems to lead to another so of course with the gazebo structure done we now are moving on to more landscaping type projects.  As many of my friends now, especially those who have worked with me on Habitat projects, I do NOT like landscaping.  I much prefer to build a structure than tend to grass and plants.  Fortunately for me, and more so for my husband, the projects we have in mind are more building than tending.

What we will be doing next:

  1. We plan to lay a paving stone path from our patio to the gazebo.  During the entire project we made a point to always walk towards the opening to the gazebo from the patio, even if it was not the shortest distance to our work just to get an idea of where the path should go.
  2. We are installing some raised bed planters next to the gazebo.  My husband has decided he wants to start some gardening and our neighbors have some wonderful raised beds that we are copying.  The nice thing is we have some experts on gardening just across the fence so advice is never far away.

That should complete our backyard projects for this year.  I guess we’ll take on the front yard next summer.  Bill (my husband) is taking some Xeriscaping classes to get some ideas about what we might want to do. 

Stay tuned for more fun to come in the next few weeks and watch here for an invite to our gazebo party coming soon 🙂