My knees hurt, my back hurts, my arm hurts but really I’m not complaining…really.
We canceled our planned motorcycle trip to the Sand Dunes to continue work on this project.  It turned out to be a good decision because riding a motorcycle in the rain is much worse that having to stop working periodically and we have a nice dry house right nearby.

We finally finished decking the floor.  The morning started out rainy so we spent a lot of time starting and stopping in between mini rain storms.  Help arrived about 10:30 am when my niece, Brooke, joined us.  Her sister, Bridgette, came by after work about 2:00 pm. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I have the best nieces in the world.

This part of the project has been very labor intensive.  Every board had to be measured, cut, put in place, cut again, placed, holes pre-drilled then screws driven in.  If we hadn’t had help I can guarantee you we would be working on this again today.

Since this day was a lot of repetitive work I don’t have much to add but I will list a few things we learned along the way.

  1. Framing accuracy is EVERYTHING. I know this from hanging drywall but I was reminded of the importance here. We did our best to be precise when laying out and installing floor joists and posts but even with the best of intentions we had to spend a lot of time getting things to work out.
  2. Wear knee pads.  I spent most of the day making the cuts on the compound miter saw but even spending a short time crawling around on the deck sure caused some pain. My husband was the smart one and wore knee pads all day but he was still hurting at the end.
  3. My next project will be a square structure not an octagonal one 🙂

Our next step is to put on the post sleeves, install the rails and balusters and be sure our posts are plumb before moving upward to head rails, lattice and then the roof.

 Here are some more pictures:

Brooke holding the boards in place

Brooke and Bridgette working together.

Bill and Bridgette working. 

A photo op.  Putting in the last piece.

The last screw goes in.  High fives all around after this one.