I should have mentioned in the very first post that the first thing we should have done was check to see if we needed a permit.  Our neighbor built a shed and based on what he told us we assumed we didn’t need a  permit for our project.  Also he told us the ‘set back’ from property lines was 5 feet.  We started the project with that information in mind.  
On Tuesday I thought maybe we should check just to be sure.  Fortunately what I found out was the following:
  1. We do not need a permit for any structure less than 200 square feet.
  2. Because we have a large lot there was no concern about lot coverage.  I guess they don’t want the entire lot covered with buildings.
  3. Set back in our area is 5 ft.  We planned 6 ft just to be safe.
  4. They did ask us to submit a site plan showing the location and set back.  Just a hand sketch with dimensions was sufficient and they approved our site plan in less than 24 hours. 
 I feel much better knowing no one is going to come by later and make us take it down…boy would that s*ck.
We finally got the layout done.  Batter boards are level and layout is square.  We rented a transit level, slowed down and thought through each step before moving forward.  It took us less than an hour to get it right this time after spending 3 hours getting it wrong the day before.  What a relief.
We have located the 9 spots for digging footings.  Next is digging holes, moving dirt and buying some gravel.  After that….pouring footings, THAT should be interesting 🙂
We have a manual post hole digger and will dig one of our footings using that before we decide whether or not to rent a post hole digger, stay tuned.
Here’s a picture of our layout.  The individual stakes indicate the location of our footings. 

My husband was reading my blog and said, “this is NOT going to take all summer”.  I’m happy we are both on the same page regarding that detail 🙂