We are finally done with the project, well almost anyway.  We still have some minor details to finish like trimming the bottoms of the posts, laying a path and running some electricity to the gazebo, BUT the main construction is complete!

What a great project this has been.  I’ve enjoyed almost every aspect of it, except the trip to the emergency room, and we’ve learned so much.  In a later post I’ll summarize what worked, what didn’t work and what we would do differently next time.

We’re still a few weeks away from a party but I promise to invite you all when we are ready.

We started off the day, just the 2 of us working. It was hot and humid and anyone who has done any roofing knows how tough that can be but we managed to get 1 and 1/2 sections completed before help arrived.  Here’s a picture of Bill working on the ridge caps.  We used architectural style shingles for the main sections because they are a random pattern and don’t require tedious layout.  We used 3 tab shingles cut into sections to cover the ridges.

My nieces came to the rescue once again and arrived in the early afternoon after they were done working.  We made great progress with the additional help. Bill and I might still be up there today if we had been on our own.

Here are some pictures of our progress throughout the day.

Bridgette and I were working on the ridge caps in this picture.

Bill was starting the next section.

Here are Brooke and Bridgette working together on the shingles.  They only bickered a little bit 🙂 Aren’t they beautiful??

Here we all are at the end of a very long but satisfying day.