We cleared out a 20ft x 20ft area of sod on the first day of our gazebo project.  That was VERY hard work. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our nieces and a boyfriend of one of them.

I can hear some of you more experienced folks right now…”why on earth didn’t they rent a sod cutter?”.  Well that’s a very good question:) There are several reasons, one of which is I didn’t know any better.  I naively thought it wouldn’t be too hard so I’ll just chalk that up to another lesson learned.  The other lesson I need to learn is if we have many more days like that I may be the only one working on this project.

Here are some pictures as we worked. You might even notice the creative use of the sawzall (reciprocating saw) that was an idea that made a difference.  I get to take credit for that idea and it saved me from having the rest of the crew mutiny.

Layout of the 20ft x 20ft section in the corner of the yard

Started by cutting out strips with a spade and trying to use a shovel to lift the sod.  That was hard work.

Now we started using the Sawzall, that made a huge difference

End of Day 1….I think everyone was happy when we had no more batteries charged and had to leave the last 3 rows 🙂