If you’re like me you are probably sick and tired of the chill you feel on the back of your neck when sitting in front of your window or feeling the chill in your bedroom when you’re getting ready for bed.  If so, I have found a solution that is much less expensive and more effective than spending $1000’s on replacement windows, Warm Window Shades.

This is the first in a series of short articles about Warm Window Shades and my adventure in making them for my home.

I first heard about warm window fabric from a student who took my home maintenance class, “The Morning After Closing”.  I decided to do some research for myself and this is what I found.

What is Warm Window Fabric?  Warm Window fabric is a four layered insulated fabric consisting of (1) a moisture resistance lining, (2) high density needled hollow fibers, (3) reflective polyethylene vapor barrier, (4) metalized Poly with needled air-trapping polyester fibers.  This fabric is the basis of the Warm Window Shade.

How does it compare to standard windows for insulating ability?  Let’s compare R-Values.  As a reminder R-Value is the measurement of a material’s resistance to the flow of heat.  The higher the R-Value the greater the capacity of the material for insulating. For comparison:  An old style single pane window has and R-Value of about R-1 and typical double pane window range from R-2 to R-3 depending on the quality.  Adding a Warm Window Shade can increase the R-Value to R-7.5 something no window currently on the market can achieve on its own.

How much will it cost to make and install a Warm Window Shade?
  I have made 4 roman style shades of varying sizes.  The average cost of materials was $80/shade.  It took me an average of 3 hours to make each shade and about 1 hour to install.

Where can I get the materials?  I found my materials and accessories at Denver Fabrics www.denverfabrics.com. (2777 W Belleview Ave, Littleton, Colorado 80123 (303) 730-2777)  You can also buy material online at www.warmcompany.com .  Because some idiot sued them when a child got hurt in a shade drawstring they no longer sell the components for the roman shade but the fabric store had everything I needed.  They do have materials for other shade styles.

Are there instructions for making my own shades?  I purchased a booklet on how to make a variety of different shade types at the fabric store.  I also found that some instructions could be downloaded from the Warm Window website. http://www.warmcompany.com/wwpage.html.  You cannot find the instructions for the roman shade at their site because of the law suit.  If you’d like a copy please let me know or call Denver Fabrics to see if they have any more instruction booklets.

My next few posts will be about what I went through and discovered while making my shades.  My next project will be to make side draw shades for the large exterior door in our family room.