It’s springtime and many of you gardeners are anxious to get your flowers and other plants planted.  If you live in a condo, townhome or apartment your only option may be to use containers and in many cases those planters may need to be hung.

Here are a few tips and things to consider when hanging planters to ensure they stay in place.

From what material will you be hanging the planter?  If it’s indoors and a drywall ceiling one of the better options is a toggle bolt with a hook on the end. If you are hanging it directly into a wood framing member a hook with a wood screw should work just fine.

How heavy is the planter?  Don’t forget to include the weight of the soil AND water.  A good estimate is 16 lbs per gallon of wet soil.  Check the packaging of the anchor type you plan to use to be sure it will support the weight of your planter. 

Caution:  the weight listed on most packing indicates the weight the HOOK will bear; it assumes you will install it properly.  For example a hook with a wood screw thread must be installed into a secure wood framing member to bear the weight listed on the package.

Don’t forget about the wind – When hanging a planter outdoors consider the effect the wind may have on the hanging planter.  You might want to use a heavier duty anchor if the planter will be in a windy location.

How will you water the plants?  Consider installing a drip irrigation system for outdoor plants. Your local Ace Hardware should have everything you need.   If you will need to use a ladder or step stool, please use good safety practices.

Can you easily move the plants indoors if necessary?  Consider weight, portability, location indoors, etc.

Happy Gardening!

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