If you have ever had the “fun” experience of trying to remove wallpaper, you likely cringe at the thought of ever having to do it again. I have used the waste-of-money wallpaper removal sprays, scrapers, steamers, etc… they all result in a huge mess of little bits of soggy sticky paper. I am embarrassed to say I have procrastinated for over a year on painting my bedroom because of a hideous floral border that doesn’t want to come off.
Someone gave me a tip a few months back to first score the paper and then spray a mixture of 1/2 unscented fabric softener and 1/2 warm water on the paper and let it set for 15 minutes, then magically scrape it off with a putty knife. I was warned not to let it dry or it would reactivate the glue and make the paper even harder to remove. I was skeptical, but finally decided the ugly flowers must go. I followed the directions and could not believe it, the paper pulled off in one easy strip! So cool! Happy dance!
Oh….No!? Look…! What is that?! Underneath the border there are 2 layers of paint, drywall texture and underneath all that? Another border. So I try the magical fabric softener method on this new challenge and it’s not working. Ugh.
The moral of the story would be; fabric softener and scoring rocks for removing wallpaper, but it can’t fix stupid.
Lisa Syverson is an Interior Consultant for Inside Out Design Solutions providing color consultations, interior design and organizing services to clients throughout the Greater Denver Metro Area.