We have decided it is finally time to do something about our family room.  We have talked about doing this almost since we first moved in 3 years ago but other things have taken precedence, like spending all last summer building our gazebo, 2 raised bed gardens and putting in a path from our porch to our gazebo.  We have been enjoying our back yard immensely and have become bee-keepers this summer, too.  Now it’s on to working on our house room by room.

We live in a small brick ranch home in Englewood.  One of the previous owners added a family room onto the back of the house which we haven’t really used all that much for a number of reasons.  We want to turn the room into something that is functional and that we can enjoy.  It will most likely be more a room for my husband, hence the “man cave” comment in the title, since that is where we plan to move the TV.

There are a couple challenges to start with.  The room has the most hideous brick wall with a hearth that runs the width of the room. The hearth sticks out from the wall about 2 ft making that entire wall useless for placing furniture. There are not words strong enough to describe how much I dislike that wall and hearth. 

The next challenge is the entry door, which we use all the time.  The door is smack in the middle of the long wall making the room feel like a huge entry way rather than a nice comfy room. We will need to come up with some way to make this door less of a problem.  We have some ideas which I will share here.

We also have to remove a huge brick ‘step’ that is at the entry from the kitchen into the family room. Another ‘feature’ I can’t stand.

I will be posting on our progress as I did with the gazebo. I’m always grateful for comments and suggestions.