It happens to be raining today in Denver, Colorado and it reminds me that this is the perfect time to do some quick visual checks of the outside of your home and make a list of some items you might need  to take care of once the rain stops.

For several of these items you’ll need to get out the umbrella or put on a raincoat but it’s well worth it. So let’s start by taking a walk around the outside of the house to see where all that water is going.

1.  Check your gutters.  Is water flowing over the side?  Do you have leaks behind the gutter?  Do you have leaks at seams along the gutters? 

2.  Check your downspouts.  Is water flowing out? Are the extensions in good shape?  Where is the water flowing to?

3.  Check the area around the house and foundation.  Is it damp?  Is water pooling next to the foundation?
Now it’s time to go inside, don’t forget to bring the ladder.

4.  Set up the ladder and take a look inside your attic.  Does it smell damp? Can you see water dripping down any of the pipes or vents that go through the roof? Do you see stains on the roofing materials?  Is there any evidence of rust on metal pieces?

5.  Check all of your windows?  Is there water leaking past any of them?  Can you feel cold air? Is there condensation between the panes of glass?
My next post will tell what these problems mean and some tips on how to fix them. 

You can learn more about maintaining your home by taking classes at Workshop for Women .  Our next home maintenance class is scheduled for this Saturday, October 16th at 1:00 pm.  Check out our calendar