I noticed the other day that my tub was draining slowly and realized it was time to clean it out once again.  I have shoulder length hair so it clogs up the drain and I find a need to clean it every month or so.
If your tub drain seems to be running slowly it is most likely caused by a build up of hair in the drain and trap.  Once hair gets caught on the drain then shampoo, conditioner, soaps and lotions start to build up on the hair.  The cycle repeats itself until the water no longer flows freely down the drain.
There is a simple way to clean your drain and here are some quick steps.

    Step 1: You will want to buy this nifty tool.  I got mine at my local Ace Hardware it is called a “Zip It” and is easy to use.

    Step 2:  Next you’ll need to unscrew your drain stopper to give you access to the drain.

    Step 3:  Insert the ‘zip it’ tool into the drain

     Step 4:  Pull out the clog

     Step 5:  Replace the stopper

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