Did you know that at least 300 people each year die in simple falls from ladders and that ladders account for about 100,000 injuries each year? It has been documented that ladder safety is one of the biggest safety issues in our homes.

As springtime arrives, it’s time again to take care of many home maintenance tasks that involve getting to places that require a ladder: cleaning gutters, maintaining cooling systems, trimming trees or cleaning windows. Ladders are often one of the most mis-used tools in our homes and it is important to understand the proper use of ladders to ensure your personal safety.
Set up

· Select the right ladder for the job – when using a ladder; make sure it is long enough to work from to avoid any hazardous leaning or stretching.
· Inspect the ladder or step stool prior to use – be aware of any loose hardware that may cause the ladder or step stool to collapse or not work properly.
· Check that the ladder or step stool is fully open prior to use. NEVER use a step ladder in the folded up position.

· Be sure that all ladders and step stools are placed firmly on level, dry ground or flooring.

· 4 to 1 Rule for Extension Ladders – When setting up an extension ladder be sure the angle of the ladder is neither too steep nor too shallow. For every 4 feet that the ladder is extended you should be 1 foot away from the wall.

· Do not exceed the working load for ladders or step stools. Most ladders are designed to support only one person plus materials and tools.

· Always face the ladder or step stool when climbing up or down. Keep body centered between side rails and always face the ladder when you are ascending or descending.
· Never stand on the top step
· When working from a ladder never lean to reach your work. Use your bellybutton as a gauge. When reaching to work, your bellybutton should never be outside the side rails of the ladder.

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