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June 2016 – Home Maintenance Tip

Cut back tree branches that are touching your roof. 

Tree limb

Tree branches damaging roof

Tree Limb

Tree branches damaging roof

Evidence of roof damage

Asphalt granules in gutter

Gutter with granules

Evidence of roof damage







It may not seem like a big deal but tree branches, not matter how small , that  touch your roof can cause significant damage.  When the wind blows the leaves and branches can scrape off the asphalt granules that act as the protective surface of your shingles. Once the granules are gone the underlying materials are exposed to sun, rain, hail, ice and  snow. A shingle that is designed to last 30 or even 50 years will no longer do it’s job.  You may find your insurance won’t cover the repair or replacement should your roof start to leak.  Take care of this relatively simple task today.