Day 1 and most of Day 2 are behind us.  Day 1 was very stressful for me. Since we are doing some of the work the responsibility to not hold up the process is a little overwhelming at times but I’m doing much better today as we have a little breathing room.

Things I’ve learned so far:

Blue line in plastic is the Zipper

1.  Good protection for dust is HUGE and our contractors have done a great job.  I had no idea they make zippers you can put in plastic sheeting so you can have entry/exit points into the sealed off area.  Very clever and handy, too.

2. Don’t even waste time with being good to the environment when it comes to dishes and cups.  Just stock up on paper plates, plastic ware and other disposable items.  Doing dishes in the bathroom sink is beyond ridiculous.  I guess the earth is just going to have to withstand our increase in trash for the next 2 weeks.  We couldn’t take it for one more meal.
3.  If you’re going to take on some of the work yourself you need to completely clear your schedule so you can be flexible about when you can get in to do your part of the work.  We didn’t have dinner until 9 pm last night.  Not letting that happen again!
4.  I am incredibly grateful that I work from home, although having people working in your home and making an incredible amount of noise can be a tad annoying at least one of us is always here to answer questions and as mentioned above we can be prepared to get our work done whenever the area is freed up.
5.  It helps if your contractors are not only good at what they do but are also friendly and considerate.  We are very fortunate and very grateful to Mike, Kevin, Brett, Miriam and Mike (the tile guy)

All the demo is done.  All the ‘stuff’ has been removed and our new 1/2 wall is framed and ready for drywall.  About half of the electrical is done (that is the part we are doing) and the under-layment for the tile is in and drying. I don’t have a picture of the under-layment for tile.  It is a metal screen mesh with a skim coat of some type of concrete mix.  It reduces the height of the finished floor, which is something we requested.

South Wall

Looking North

Dust Protection