If you’ve just moved into a new home you should consider replacing all of the door knobs and dead bolts on your exterior doors for safety reasons.  When a house is on the market any number of people can have access to the keys that open your doors.  Also, the previous owners may have given keys to a neighbor or relative and completely forgotten about it.

Here are some simple steps to removing the old and installing the new hardware.

Step 1

Count up the number of exterior doors you have and what hardware you need. (front, rear, garage access or man door, etc.) In most cases you’ll want them all to use the same key.  When heading to your local hardware store to purchase new knobs and deadbolts look for sets that are ‘keyed alike’.  Some will be sold in sets of 2 or 3 in the same packaging or you might need to match numbers to be sure all of the locks will use the same key. Click here for information on finding sets that are keyed alike. Ask for help to be sure you’re getting what you need.

Step 2

Remove the existing door knob and/or dead bolt sets, by loosening and removing the screws that hold the hardware together. Screws are typically located on the indoor side of the hardware.  You may need to turn the dead bolt to access the screws.  Loosen and remove the screws that secure the latching mechanism (door knob) and the throw mechanism (dead bolt).

Screws are on indoor side

Rotate to access screws


Remove Door Knob
Remove Dead Bolt

Remove Latch and Throw

Step 3

Install the new door knob.
First install the latch and tighten the screws. Line up the door knob that will go on the outside so that the 3 prongs or bosses go through the holes in the latching mechanism.  Install the interior knob and rotate the flange so the holes line up.  Insert the screws and tighten.

Keyed Door Knob

Tighten Screws
Door Knob Latch Installed

Install Door Knob

Step 4

Install the new dead bolt.  First install the throw and tighten the screws.  Line up the keyed side of the dead bolt so that the prong fits through the “D” shaped hole in the center of the throw mechanism.  Install the interior side and line up the holes, insert the screws and tighten.

Keyed Dead Bolt

Install Throw Mechanism
Install Dead Bolt
Install Dead Bolt
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