We took a break this weekend from our project.  I wanted to share a few observations I’ve made during this time and things that made me stop and think.

  • Sometimes it’s good to just start something, without a  plan or knowing how you’ll find the time, money, energy or whatever else you THINK you need.  I wouldn’t be doing any of the things I’m doing in my life right now if I’d waited until I had a plan.  I am a planner by nature but the best things in my life occurred when I just took that leap of faith.  Whether it was quitting my job and volunteering for a year or simply digging up some sod to build a gazebo.
  • Home Depot isn’t as bad as I thought or I’m just more tolerant of ignorance.  My past complaints about Home Depot have been the men who work there who treat women like we don’t know anything.  Over the years I’ve run into some real winners, like the guy who showed me to the craft scissors when I asked him for tin snips and didn’t believe me when I told him I was putting fascia on a house, or the guy who asked me if  my husband was an electrician when I was buying tools for myself. My most recent experience occurred this past weekend.  My husband and I met with the pro-desk supervisor to get a quote for this project and he started out by directing all his questions to my husband, “Have you ever done roofing before?”, when my husband said “no” he launched into a discussion on roofing basics. I had to interrupt him to say, “I have”. I will give him credit for including me in the remainder of the discussion and I give myself credit for not spending the rest of the day complaining to my husband about clueless men.
  • Everything is more fun when you have someone to work with.  I love to work with others and I that is one of my favorite parts of the Habitat for Humanity volunteer experience. Figuring things out together. My husband and I have done many projects together in the last 7 years and I’m always pleasantly surprised when we make it through without any major arguments. We both seem to know when it’s time to stop and take a break or call it a day.  I tend to be a bit bossy (those of you who know me aren’t surprised by that comment) but my husband handles me well.

We hope to get the footings poured before the Memorial Day weekend.  I’ll be sure to let you know how that day goes.