As many of you know my favorite magazine is The Family Handyman and I read it pretty much cover to cover each month (except for the car repair section).  The April 2016 issue included 7 DIY apps for your smart phone.  If you’re like me your phone is never far away from you and I think it makes sense to include these in your ‘tool box’.  All of these apps have free and paid versions.  I have downloaded only the free versions.

Below are the 3 apps I found most useful:

#1 Use your iHandy Levelsmart phone as a level.  Just like my flashlight app, which I use all the time as a real estate agent,  this one comes in very handy and works on both android and IOS.  This doesn’t mean you don’t need a good level for your projects but it is great for a quick check of a picture, a shelf or anything else you’re wondering about.  Note: The free version reads to a tenth (o.1) of a degree.  The perfectionist in you may find that annoying. (Look for iHandy Level in the app store)

fraction calculator plus#2 Fraction Calculator Plus.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that even though I have a degree in engineering when I have to add and subtract compound fractions I spend a LOT of time double checking my math.  This handy little app does the work for me and saves a lot of time.  If you’re measuring and cutting and need to add 5 7/8 + 3 15/16 and don’t want to drag out your 4th grade math skills this is the app for you.  It too is available on both Android and IOS.  The free version has ads but if you’re like me you’ve learned to ignore them. (Look for Fraction Calculator Plus in the app store)

floor plan creator#3 Floor Plan Creator.  This app is only available on Android, sorry to the Iphone folks and you will probably find it more useful on a tablet.  I happen to have a Samsung 10.1 Note which has a stylus, both of which make using this app easier.  This is a great way to visualize how your home might look if you moved walls, removed a closet or decided to put in a window or rearrange your furniture. (Look for Floor Plan Creator in the app store)

If you use any of these I’d love to know what you think.

If you’ve don’t subscribe to The Family Handyman magazine or haven’t checked out, I think you should.  I highly recommend it as a great resource for all things DIY.