We finally got the top rails and lattice panels in place.  It was quite the assembly project.
We calculated that it took us, on average, 1 hour per section.  That didn’t include set up and clean up.

We got the first 2 sections done on Sunday afternoon and then spent most of the day on Monday finishing the final 6.

A few notes about this phase of the project:

The plans said to put the lattice rails up before installing the hand rails..  We didn’t have that option because we used the composite decking material and had to install the post covers which required us to remove the post supports. We couldn’t put up the lattice without the posts secured in place which is why we changed the order of construction.  I don’t think this will result in any issues for the roof.

Since the top rails and lattice panels are part of the structural support we had to use real lumber.  My darling husband spent a good few hours staining all of the wood to match.  This is not included in the time listed above.

I kept a drawing of all the angles we used when we installed the hand rails so we had a starting place to cut the angles for this section.  When we got to the door way I had to find those angles for the first time. Fortunately by now I have a quick system.

The plans say to ‘toe-nail’ everything.  For those unfamiliar with that terminology it just means to nail at an angle.  Well besides the fact that it is very hard to do it would have looked like crap. Fortunately we had a pocket hole jig from our cabinet making project so we used pocket holes to attach the top rails and the lattice panels to the 4 x 4 posts.  It looks so much better and actually made the job easier.

Here’s a picture of my sweetie when we were taking a break.  He is such a good man.

Tomorrow we start on the rafters.  We will have our helpers back (our nieces Brooke & Bridgette), Yeah!  They both have off of work and because they love their Aunt so much they are willing to work in 94 degree heat to help us get the roof up.  We sure are lucky.