Day 17 and Day 18 were exactly 2 weeks apart and Day 19 occurred last Friday.  On Thursday July 1st we started out the day with some great successes.  My nieces were able to join us once again to add their energy and positive attitudes.  We wouldn’t be anywhere close to this far along in this project if it wasn’t for their help.  Brooke and Bridgette, you’re the BEST!
The last 8 rafters went into place pretty quickly and by 2 in the afternoon we were ready to move on to sheathing the roof. I was very excited thinking we might actually get a good process in place before we left town for the holiday.
We have 8 sections of roof area to cover and just like all the other phases of this project everything is at an angle and unfortunately the angles aren’t all the same.  Our plan was to place the first 4 x 8 sheet on the roof and just chalk where we needed to cut.  This was in the hope of saving some time since measuring and cutting while just estimating measurements hasn’t worked very well up to this point.  Anyway, we successfully got the sheet up on the roof and chalked the cutting lines.
The next step was to simply put the piece into place and nail it down.  Unfortunately we had 3 people on ladders working to get the piece in place and I was on the ground handing it up.  I know from experience that working below someone on a ladder can be dangerous, unfortunately I didn’t follow my own rule to get the heck out of the way after handing something off to someone above you.  Anyway, they lost control of the piece of OSB and it hit me in the head on it’s way down.  The result was me kneeling on the ground thinking, “My God, my head hurts” and, I will admit, crying like a little girl. My nieces rushed around to get ice and towels while my husband tried to console me.   I didn’t even know  I was bleeding until I saw the drips on the grass.  We headed off to the emergency room, fortunately we have a hospital less than 10 minutes away.  Once I calmed down, my biggest concern was that they would have to cut my hair to patch me up, which made my nieces laugh.  I can’t tell you how pleased I was with my treatment at Swedish Medical Center in Englewood.  We were in and out of the emergency room in just over an hour.  We had to delay our trip to South Dakota by a day but other than that things are fine.

Before we started again we rented scaffolding and bought some “roof jacks” for fall protection.  No more trips to the emergency room on this project! The scaffolding was only $31/week rental and the roof jacks were just $7.50 each ( we bought 4).

Bill and I finally got 2 sections of sheathing done by ourselves on Day 18.  It took quite a while with just 2 of us and our backs and knees were aching from all the climbing up an down to measure, cut, fit, cut again, install then start all over.

Here’s a cool picture before we started Day 19.
We had more help on Day 19.  Our nephews Rob and Brendan came by to lend a hand along with Brooke and Bridgette again.  We struggled at first getting the angles right but by the end of the day we got it done.  It was a long day and very hot.  Thank you Rob, Brendan & Bridgette your help was very much appreciated. We’d still be working on that if it weren’t for you all.

So, sheathing is done with no more injuries.  We are on to felt and shingles this week and we hope to get in 2 good days.  If all goes as planned we should be done on Friday!