10 Tips to make your next painting job a breeze!

These tips are provide by Kathy Fiebig of Minor Details Denver. Visit her website for a list of services she offers. www.MinorDetailsDenver.com

  1. Remove as many things from the room as possible prior to doing the prep work.
  2. Cover EVERYTHING! The one spot you miss is where you will spill
  3. Use good drop cloths. Light weight canvas is the best material and available at your local home improvement store (sheets don’t absorb paint and shower curtains are too slippery and will not stay in place).
  4. Use good paint. The better the paint the better the finish. If your budget permits consider going to a paint store such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. If you’re on a smaller budget consider using the Behr brand.
  5. Buy a good brush. Buy a Purdy or Wooster brand brush. A $2 brush does a $2 job.
  6. Research gloss levels before you buy paint. Flat is the most forgiving and easiest to work with. Anything with gloss requires extra care when “cutting in” the edges.
  7. Don’t rush your color selection. Buy a sample, put in on the wall and live with it for a while.  But trust your first instinct, too. If you loved it immediately it’s usually right.
  8. Match the ‘nap’ of your roller cover to your wall texture. 
  9. Use a tinted primer to save time and money when making drastic changes in color.
  10. Ask questions at the store if you’re not sure. Consider going to a specialty paint store if you’re new to painting, the employees are usually happy to give you guidance for your project.